Measuring Tips

Before purchasing your window treatments you will want to decide how you want them to hang. They may hang on the inside or the outside of the window. To measure you will need a pencil, steel measuring tape and paper.

Measure from inside edges of casing for the width inside the frame.

Measure from the outside edges of the casing for the width outside the frame.

Measure from the top edge of the casing to the bottom of the window apron for the height of the window.

  • Hardware will generally extend 4 inches beyond the window frame (2 inches on either side)
  • A curtain rod's length doesn't include the decorative finial.
  • While many curtain rods are expandable, wooden poles come in standard lengths of 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet and may be customized.
  • For a full look, plan on two to four times the fabric width to the width of your window.

For Panels the height includes the tip of the tab or ring to the bottom of the panel.

  • Panels are usually hung 4 inches above the window frame (commonly 96 inches)
  • Shorter panels are meant to hang 4 inches below the window sill (commonly 63 inches
  • You'll typically want to use an even number of panels (four per window creates a full, gathered look)
For Windows Measuring
Width You will need
Up to 29" 1 Panel
30" - 39" 2 Panels
40" - 48" 2 - 3 Panels
49" - 72" 3 - 4 Panels
73" - 96" 4 - 5 Panels
97" - 120" 5 - 6 Panels
121" - 144" 6 - 7 Panels