About Us

Jonas Siegel dreamt of the land of opportunity, and as an immigrant in New York City, he aspired to build something that would last for generations, and nearly 100 years ago, he did just that.
With his sights set on an American Dream, Jonas established a millinery company in 1922 only to be faced with an incredible challenge just a few short years later, The Great Depression. Jonas had just begun the process of closing his ailing business when a colleague showed him a piece of vinyl. At that moment, the vinyl tablecloth was born.
The first manufacturer to cut and sew vinyl tablecloths in this country, the Siegel family created thousands of jobs right in the middle of Manhattan.
In the 1930's Jonas' son, Bernard Siegel, had joined the business, and together they continued to grow the family company. In 1941 when Benard's wife gave birth to Jonas' first granddaughter, Elaine Rene, Jonas proudly branded his company in her name, "Elrene Home Fashions," as a nod to the next generation. It was then he declared that Elrene would stand for quality products and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
As a business that navigated through a turbulent time in the US, the stakes were high, and all hands were on deck. Being reared on the Manhattan factory floors, it was natural when Bernard’s son, Mark, officially joined the business in the 1960s. By the mid 1980's it was Mark Siegel who was guiding Elrene into a new generation and it was under his leadership that the company evolved from vinyl tablecloth specialists to quality textile table linen leaders.
After graduating college in the mid 1990s, Mark's sons, Bryan and Craig Siegel, began focusing on their roles and passions in the family company. When Mark retired in 2008, Bryan and Craig became Co-CEO leaders, bringing 100 years of quality family values, expertise and customer commitment.
From our family table to yours, we continue to bring quality products and fashion into homes across America.