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Farmhouse Style

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Is contemporary farmhouse out if coastal farmhouse is in? While there's been a lot of conjecture about it, "farmhouse-style" decor isn't going away anytime soon. Rather, it's gotten so ingrained in our design mindset that it's changing over time, combining with different vintage styles, for example.

There are now glam farmhouses, seaside farmhouses, French farmhouses, and Scandinavian farmhouses everywhere you turn. The modern farmhouse, on the other hand, could be the most durable and everlasting. This look is all about removing the farmhouse from the farm—far it's more city than country—while retaining many of the design aspects that make the farmhouse vibe stylish, efficient, and everlasting.

Modern farmhouse design is as appealing as ever, because of its comfort, coziness, and elegance. Consumers are still drawn to the design vibes which showcases this stylish aesthetic in all its soothing beauty. In many aspects, it developed as a reaction to the minimalist trend that swept the 1990s and early 2000s. Consumers have been wanting to embrace heritage and surround themselves with things that make them feel well over the last few years—but with a fresh take that reflects the era.

Peace and coziness are the hallmarks of the modern farmhouse chic home décor. It's conventional without being stuffy, classic without being shabby, and inviting enough to make you want to kick your feet up and stay a while. While traditional farmhouse design recalls farmlands with old furnishings and traditional textiles like grey and white plaid or blue and white buffalo check, modern farmhouse style is less rustic and incorporates more contemporary elements such as a neutral color palette and clean lines. Comfortable furniture is combined with recycled materials such as reclaimed wood to create a modern farmhouse look. In modern farmhouse decor, antiques are welcome, but not those that are too delicate to handle, especially in farmhouse harvest décor or farmhouse Christmas décor. Everything is touchable and observable.

Create a modern farmhouse with these tips 

It's all about comfort when it comes to establishing a modern farmhouse style. Ideally, your home's furniture should urge you to sit down, and nothing should seem unstable. The charm and warmth promotes happy, relaxed and good times. 

If you're working with a warm or cold color palette, add in some wood tones. Whenever feasible, look for salvaged wood that has some wear and tear. Authenticity of the appearance is enhanced by scratches, knots and nicks on the leather. 

Farmhouse Style Decor: Basic Elements

For this style, you may utilize a number of different pieces. Here are the fundamentals of the game.

Color Palette - Neutral

A neutral color scheme is used in most modern farmhouses. Most of the time, it's subdued hues like sage, cream, beige and grays. Sometimes someone may add vivid pops of color such as teal or crimson to the design scheme like red and white kitchen or blue and white kitchen farmhouse style.


Modern Farmhouse Buffalo Check Plaid Throw Blankets 

To avoid a flat and uninteresting effect in a room decorated with neutral hues, it's necessary to incorporate textures into the design. In this style, plaids, checkered, bulky knits, linen and grain sacks are popular. Farmhouse-styled interiors tend to have a lot of texture because of the use of several finishes on wood.

Untreated or bare wood is one of the most prevalent features of modern farmhouse décor. A dining room table or bathroom vanity is a good example.

Old Fashioned Furniture Pieces

It's a given that a farmhouse's functionality means it'll have to rely on old furnishings. If you don't like the finish, you may paint it to match the rest of your décor. 

Curtains and Placemats 

Modern Farmhouse Buffalo Check Placemats  rustic farmhouse burlap sentiment word placemat set

Every home has a kitchen, but a farmhouse-style home's kitchen is so much more significant. So, these set of four placemats define this design approach and set the tone for the rest of the house. Uncomplicated and colorful, a farmhouse-style kitchen keeps things simple and vibrant. As long as the color palette is neutral, feel free to add an eclectic variety of furniture. The butcher block countertop and the kitchen island are both covered in wood.

modern farmhouse style kitchen tiers and valance farmhouse oversized buffalo check living room, dining room, bedroom window curtain panels Modern Farmhouse Sage Plaid Kitchen Tiers and Valance Window Treatments Scandinavian Farmhouse Plaid Windowpane Window Curtain Panels

Add some heirloom-type décor and fabric like these curtains to your kitchen and family room to bring farmhouse flair into your home. Cotton is the obvious option, but you don't have to be fussy. In addition to adding color, stripes and checkered patterns work well as accessories and throw pillow coverings. The farmhouse style allows you to mix and match chairs, beds, couches and fabric accessories.

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